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At this site you can find information about me and my job, send me e-mail, order products, give suggestions for future cooperation, your comments, etc. Also, you can find links to my favourite sites and take a look at my photo gallery

Stanko Zarić




27.08.2007. - Odlazak u Langenhagen u Njemačkoj sa SKUD-om Semberija povodom potpisivanja Povelje o bratimljenju ovog grada i Bijeljine

08.08.2007. - Završno veče Festivala sa učešćem SKUD-a Semberija

05.08.2007. - Otvaranje II Međunarodnog Festivala Folklora "Semberija Folk Fest Ritam Evrope 2007."

Book of performances by the orchestra to the Semberija National Folk Dance Ensemble 1984-2003
I have experienced, seen and learnt many things with the NFDE Semberija orchestra, as well as gained many friends. I will make an effort, as long as I can, to ensure that this orchestra plays quality repertoire and that special attention is paid to young musicians. When I was a member of NFDE Semberija orchestra, it was part of this town’s culture. We participated and did our best in every significant event in our town (economical, political, cultural, etc). The book of performances of NFDE Semberija orchestra, which is in a way a book of our cultural, economical and political environment, reflects public life of our town. There is no cultural center in any village of our municipality, or a hall, school, company, factory or municipal building where I haven’t played. This town is mine because I played in all its streets and squares. I am proud because of that and I will do the same thing again!